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What's New

Synappx Go & Synappx Meeting v3.0

Synappx Collaboration Hub

  • Introducing Synappx Collaboration Hub*1 for an in-room, display-centric, hybrid meeting experience
  • Making the most of usability improvements and bug fixes in Synappx Meeting and Synappx Go
  • Remote control enhancements to the Synappx Go mobile app

Synappx Go

  • No login MFP support for copying and scanning via QR Code
  • Guest custom database - register guest users*2 for content share on the display and remote access to the MFP
  • Implementation of the Synappx Meeting mobile app functions
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes



Synappx Meeting

  • Introduction of Workspace Mode for in-room display-centric, hybrid meeting experience
  • Migration of the Meeting mobile app functions to the Go mobile app
  • Usability improvements and bug fixes

Synappx Admin Portal

  • Guest custom database
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes

Note: Collaboration Hub is not available for guest users 

*1 Collaboration Hub requires Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting licenses
*2 Guest users can use content share when authorised 

Synappx Go & Synappx Meeting v2.7

Synappx Go

  • Maintenance update
  • Introducing contactless Copy! Operate Sharp MFPs safely and remotely with Synappx Go.
  • Enhanced Share user experience: Open files via web browser
  • Log in to browser only once per workspace
  • Check In support is expanded to include iPhone 7/7+, 8/8+ and X users
  • Check In feature to help track employee touchpoints
  • Microsoft Teams support for cloud storage
  • Enhanced scan settings and destinations
    • Share improvements
    • Remote file close
    • One Drive for Business files editable in browser

Synappx Admin Portal

  • Check In Analytics: Understand organisation touchpoint trends
  • Check In Logs
  • Admin Log and System Log Table
  • MICAS℠ and Synappx Go installation on the same PC
  • Enhanced Agent Update



Synappx Meeting & Synappx mDesk

  • Meeting Launcher now shows meeting list for seven days!
  • Launch ad hoc meetings with web conferences
  • Auto-connect to meeting room Bluetooth audio
  • Microsoft Teams support for cloud storage and web conferences
  • Enhanced user interface: Red End button
  • Automatic Input Switch for faster casting
  • Multiple devices in workspaces
  • Alexa voice improvements